Why am I writing a book?


I am writing a book because I am a dad whose legacy to his son isn’t going to be anything like it I thought it would be before he was born.

Because I’ve learned so much from other fathers and I don’t want their sage advice to dissipate.

Because my son is a whole person. A young man with humor and likes and desires. Who deserves to have other folks see the world through his eyes even though he may not be able to  always express what he sees.

Because society, for too long, has valued different as less instead of looking at it as just different.  Or even more.

From day one, advice to folks like me has been write about what you know. And my experiences these almost 14 years is a lense through which I want to help other fathers, other mothers, other members of society focus through–even if they can see a father’s perspective only for a moment.


A moment of empathy and understanding is my goal. A moment of teaching and learning. A door to a discussion that may not have otherwise taken place.

I’m writing a book about father’s and men’s perspectives because the best legacy I can leave for my son is a way to help others understand and learn how to help him illustrate his value to the world. A small contribution so that when I am gone, someone else can look him in the eye and see them twinkle and love and respect him as a whole person. And ask him how his day went and really listen. Just like his Dad.

Please poke around my site.  And let me know if you want to contribute an essay.


Gary Dietz





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