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Hello friends,

Welcome to the Dads of Disability blog.  This blog is here to document the journey I am continuing on writing a book about fathers children that experience disabilities.  The other day at the 2013 New Hampshire Family Support conference, I shared a vision of this book project with some other fathers like this:

If we provide a new or even an experienced father of a child with a disability a book that could help them cope even a little bit better; manage issues knowing that others have come before; or see that they are not alone in having feelings and experiences that not only did they never expect to have, but that they may be ashamed of; well, then we would have a great tool for those dads. Would you share stories like this with me so I can share them with other Dads in a book?

Does this simple vision make sense to you?  How could I adjust it?  Remember, although I have been working on this project on a slow burn for a while, it is moving into gear.  If you have opinions, just let me know!  Read through some of the other pages in the top menu in this blog and visit often.  And don’t forget that the main web page is located at www.dadsofdisability.com  The address of this blog is blog.dadsofdisability.com

You can always email me at gdietz@garydietz.com or fill out this form to be notified when the Kickstarter project begins, to let me know you are interested in buying when available, or to share a story!

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