Dads of Disability: Storyboard, contributor, awareness progress!


I am thrilled to report that Casey, the talented soon-to-be-high-school-graduate who is animating the kickstarter video for Dads of Disability, has sent me her storyboard!  And it is great!  It really captures the story I was trying to tell possible backers/readers and is very fun and moving.  Here’s a panel from the storyboard (this is NOT the final art – just a panel from the storyboard)


Also, some of my new (and established) friends in the genetics community have been telling their peers and clients about my project.  Thanks to you, and new visitors sent my way because of them.

Finally, I have been contacting — through email, phone, and social media — some potential father authors.  I am absolutely floored by the level of response to the project.  Not only do these Dads want to share their stories, they want to read the stories of the other dads.  RIGHT NOW!  Even though the book is just underway.

Signs of good things to come!

Be sure to have a look at the About / FAQ / and Submit a Story menus on this page.  And share with the social media buttons or email this site to Fathers who may want to contribute!



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