Searching for contributor Dads and men has commenced


I’m actively talking to some potential contributors of essays and materials.

Not just by Dads: One thing I need to clarify in the Submit a Story section is that while stories may be by Dads, they just a likely could be by:

  • Moms talking about the Dads of their children
  • Grandfathers, uncles, brothers, siblings, steps, etc. talking about the family relationships surround the father and child with a disability from their perspective
  • The child him or herself!  Just because the child has a disability doesn’t mean that they don’t have a story about their father
Used under Creative Commons License

Image: Creative Commons License  (attribution here)

Not just happy: In addition, the stories don’t all have to be happy.  They can be sad, angry, challenging, frustrating, or yes, happy,  But they need to be authentic and surrounding the male perspective.

Two things am really looking for are:

  • Unusual and compelling
  • Has a usable lesson for other dads or family members at one of the “pivot” points in the life of a family that has a child with a disability.  (Birth, diagnosis, first hospitalization, entering school, leaving school, first job, first date, etc. all the way through life.)

Thanks!  And keep an eye out for the animation and Kickstarter, that should be live by early July 2013!



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