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  3. Wayne Bellcross


    What a great idea! As a fellow member of the ‘club’ – Dads of Differentially Abled Sons – I share your concern regarding the lack of resources for men. After the birth of my son Connor, now 21 years old, it was difficult to find others to share the male perspective. I am very interested in this project and will contribute to Kickstarter. I will also plan on submitting something, but after 21 years in this role I need to think on what to write. I will stay in touch, and thank you for getting this off the ground.

    All my best,



    • Wayne,

      Thanks for the support and comment! I am excited to hear about what you are planning when you figure it out. Feel free to reach out to me privately. I am working with a number of authors and would love to share the approach many of the authors are taking.

      Or hear your approach!




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