Press Coverage, Sample Story


The Dads of Disability project received its first press coverage today in the Poughkeepsie Journal (New York)! Here is a link to that story (or click on the image to the left).

In addition, to exemplify one of the kind of essays that will appear in the book, you can download a free preview draft.

In this essay, the simple act of going to the bathroom on a plane creates a situation where a father has to mull some important stuff.  When to interact with a pleasant, but challenging stranger? Are his religious beliefs correct? Should he be embarrassed at the amount of help he needs from strangers to do something as simple as take his child to the bathroom? Is a cross country trip worth the effort? Will he encounter an awful situation like he read about in the press?

The example story has a a religious topic as part of its theme, please note that this collection will by no means be a collection of religious or spiritual essays. I just thought it was a good example of taking an event that really took place over about 10 minutes but illustrated a deeper set of issues that a father wrestled with.


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