The ‘R’ word on my favorite podcasts

I love Adam Carolla and Marc Maron for their insight, intelligence, and business acumen.

But they really jar me with their use of the word ‘retarded.’

They would say (have said?) that it would be “PC” (whatever that is) to stop using it.  So, if that is the case, why don’t they use the words “niggardly” and “faggot” just as often?

The argument that words change meaning all the time and if we stop using “retarded” then the next word that comes along will then become a ‘bad word’ is a tired argument.  Perhaps that is the case.  But so what?  Language changes fast.

But as Carolla and Maron both know, being fairly good writers themselves, words change all the time.  And for now, ‘retarded’ should be off the table.

If I am wrong, I dare them both to start using ‘niggardly’ again.  It’s in the dictionary after all.  And wouldn’t they just be victims of the ‘PC’ police if they were to be stopped from using that term?  So guys, I dare you.  If you stand by the fact that you are not PC then don’t just stand on ‘retarded’ as your right to say what you want.  Use those other words too.

Please think about it.



(P.S. In case you didn’t get it, I am intensely offended by the word ‘niggardly’ but used it here to make a point.)

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