Today is the Release!

Hello all,

Today is the day that my book is officially available.  Thanks for all of the support.  Check out the links on this page to learn how to buy, to get samples, and to follow the amazing odyssey of support folks have given the project, and me. And the new “Review” tab.

I am especially happy that the Pediastaff review of my book just hit! Pediastaff is an agency that places speech, physical, occupational, school, and other types of therapists. They also provide professional development content.

Some great things coming up, such as:  Live events, speaking at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Washington, the NH Family Support Conference, guest spots on radio shows (not telling about that just yet!), partnerships with other authors, some podcast work, and maybe a new animation or two.

I hope the official release of the book makes your (U.S.) tax day a little less stressful.



Gary Dietz

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