Kickstarter Update #1 – Also, welcome to GMP and NSGC folks!

Hello everyone,

I’ve posted my first Kickstarter update, after the project was live only 1.5 days.  Here is the link to that update, and the full post is reproduced below.

Also, 266 Facebook shares so far. Wow!

Thanks to all,



Dateline: Suburban New Hampshire.  10-Jul-2013. 6:30am EST.
Subject: Dads of Disability Kickstarter Project – Humbled and Excited!

1.5 days into the Kickstarter, 12% of the funding goal has been reached, with over $1,800 in pledges by 37 backers!  That’s a $49 average pledge per backer! A to-date high of $351 by one backer and a wonderful number of $9 pledges.

This wonderful status, with only personal 1:1 outreaches to less than 20% of my personal contacts through Facebook and LinkedIn and a small number of organizational outreaches.  Lots of screen time and typing in these next few days!

Although my eyes ache and my fingers are bleeding, I offer major thanks to my early backers!

What’s next, what’s new?

A new reward! I have added a new, limited reward at the $299 level – A discussion webinar hosted by me for up to 10 folks in your organization.  I will blog about the webinar. Or, if it is an exceptionally amazing discussion, will include a summary of its stories as an essay in the published book.  If you want, I will include your organization’s or team’s credits/website!

For those of you who don’t know my collaboration and videoconferencing background, I host amazing webinars!  No “Death by Powerpoint” on my watch! Interactivity rules.

Press and Outreach!
a) I was interviewed by the Poughkeepsie Journal (New York) yesterday about the cool story of me and my animator, Casey Silvestri.  We graduated the same high school in New York 30 years apart! I’ll let you know when the story appears.

b) If you are a press person, or want to help me reach out to press folks, you can access my press backgrounder here and media snippets for web and print here.

c) Today at 8:30am EST, an essay by me will appear in the Good Men Project.  I don’t have the URL for the article yes, but it will be in rotation on the front page.

d) Today at 8:30am EST, an email will be going out to the membership of the National Society of Genetic Counselors.  A fine welcome to that organization’s folks.  They are of a big help to families like mine and I welcome their support and backing!

Again, a sincere thank you for your support – and a special shout out to those who have increased their backing after their initial support!  Wow!

Wow, it’s only been 1.5 days!  I will work hard to reflect your belief in me.

Warm regards to all.



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