A bunch of guest blogging

“Be our guest, be our guest, pump out words at their behest!” As they (sort of) sang in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Yet that is what I will be doing for a few days. Somehow, in 2014, one writes for free very often. It helps to have other fresh sets of eyes on your work, and it helps get the word out about other (hopefully) paid projects. It’s all good!  I am actually honored to have been asked.


So, for now, I am working on some pieces for Easter Seals, the Cool Cat Teacher, and other wonderful, well-read blogs.

  • Something with a Star Wars and step-father twist.
  • Something about Helicopters and Parenting (but not helicopter parenting)
  • And something about men forgiving themselves.

And some neat news later in the week about another publication.



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