Dr. Jane Goodall related project perks


In 2010, my son Alexander and I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jane Goodall.  Afterwards, we struck up an ongoing correspondence via email. This is reflected in the Dads of Disability animation and will be reflected in one of the essays in the book.



Dr. Goodall was good enough to send along some Mr. H Junior plushie Chimpanzees and collectible photos of herself and Gombe chimpanzee Freud taken by photographer Neugebauer.


One perk (two available) is a ten-pack of the Dads of Disability paper book, the Mr. H Junior, and the photo in a frame for $219 shipping included (US and Canada only).



jane-and-alexAnother perk (one available) is (a) Museum quality framed original animation artwork of Dr. Goodall from the project (click here to jump to the point in the video this art comes from) (b) A mat opening with the animators signature (c) A mat opening with the Gombe chimp photo (d) A hardcover of Dale Peterson’s Jane Goodall Biography (unsigned) (e) A Mr. H Junior plushie and (f) A ten-pack of the Dads of Disability paper book.


Other perks start at $9 for the eBook and $19 for an eBook/paper book combo.  Please visit the Indiegogo project page!  Like it from there and follow it, even if you can’t contribute.



Please Note:  The Jane Goodall Institute nor Dr. Jane Goodall explicitly endorse the Dads of Disability project. The donations of Jane Goodall related materials to the project were based on a personal correspondence between her and the author and you should infer no endorsement.


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