New project: Discussion Prompts!

Hello friends,

My next project after Dads of Disability is a family and educators’ discussion prompting game. This one is not limited to fathers’ issues. It is going to have a cool “card game” format. Please read on to see how you can help. I’m not asking for money.

The summary explanation

I’m collecting ideas for a discussion prompt game to challenge families at the dinner table and students in classes to have meaningful, and possibly difficult, discussions about disability.

I am asking for your suggestions in a “1-2-3 format” based on experiences you have had or have heard about regarding disability issues in our communities. These three pieces of information will then be used to prompt a “what should you do or say” discussion:

1 – Who are the people in the situation?
2 – Where are they located?
3 – What is the challenging situation do they face?

Please use the form at the end of this page to submit your suggestions or read on for more details. Thanks!

The longer explanation

The discussion prompt idea
The idea of the project is to place the situations in front of family or class in this format:

  1. Definition of the people – Who is in the situation?
  2. Where those people are – Where are they physically located?
  3. A situation that presents a challenge – Specifics of the situation / challenge

Here is a specific example:

  1. You are with your younger brother, who has a developmental disability, and your elderly grandmother. You are an 18 year old captain of the football team and are pretty strong.
  2. You are at the mall buying a pretzel with your brother and grandmother, minding your own business.
  3. It is taking a little longer than typical on the line, and you hear someone utter a disparaging comment about your brother.

Discussion question for the family: What should the older brother do? What should the younger brother do? What should the grandmother do? What are the possible outcomes of various approaches? Discuss.

Here is another specific example:

  1. You are father with your daughter, who has cerebal palsy.
  2. You and your daughter are checking in to an appointment at a busy metropolitan hospital.
  3. The person checking your daughter in asks “where is mom?”.

Discussion question for the family: How should the father respond? How should the daughter respond? What are the outcomes of various approaches?

Here’s where I am grateful for your help

Please help me by submitting ideas to me in the form of:
1. People
2. Place
3. Situation

I’m not looking for answers – descriptions of what you may have actually done in the particular situation. Rather, I am looking for realistic situations that you have experienced (from simple to challenging – from humorous to infuriating), rolled up into that simple 1-2-3 format. The goal is to use these combinations of people, places, and situations to deliver an excellent set of discussion prompts for families and educators.

If the project moves ahead and I publish, I will give you credit for your participation via name or website, if you want it.

Please use the form below to submit your “1-2-3” ideas.


Gary Dietz

If you have any problems with the form below, feel free to email me instead at

If you have any problems with the form above, feel free to email me instead at

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