Disabilty versus Disability is a waste of energy


At the second annual ABLE NH banquet, rapper / speaker / advocate / funny-guy  Keith Jones mentioned something I’ll paraphrase.

Keith Jones

Click to see Keith in a Youtube Video

One of his points was that disability groups fighting amongst themselves is a waste of time and energy when the “real” enemy we need to slay could be defeated if only disability groups could align themselves.

I can’t help but be completely frustrated at how right he is.  There is too much complaining and positioning of “what is our slice of the pie” versus “what is their slice of the pie” instead of folks of all walks of life working to redefine what the “pie” even is — and reframing the entire discussion.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have the wider population understand that disability is not, as Keith said, not an anomaly but a continuum.  And that everyone has a right to live a full life.


P.S. Keith was a laugh riot and a good dancer – you should hire him to speak.


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