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Hello all,

Today, 27-Feb-2014, the book is officially frozen. All stories and poems in place. Next steps, final copy editing and files to printer and off to ebook conversion.  Also, lots of exciting news coming!

Here’s a draft of the full cover!

This is a draft of the book cover. Click to enlarge.

This is a draft of the book cover. Click to enlarge.

April 15 availability on in print (Amazon and others) and Kindle is scheduled (a bit earlier for Indiegogo supporters as well as essayist and poet copies). Apple and Google Play bookstores shortly thereafter.

Warm regards to all,




I posted the final free selection of essays and poems from the book. This is free for download. (Final update 11-March-2014.)

Photo by Jenni C/ Flickr

Much excitement!  Cool, huh?

If you like the sample, please share this link on your Facebook page (see the do-hickey below). And, please like and participate on the project’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DadsofDisability

Onward and upward to May 2014 publication — or earlier!



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Hello and I hope your summer is going well,

I’ve asked my friends and supporters to send you to this page to learn about the Dads of Disability project and consider supporting it or participating in it.

When I visit the offices of many of  his educators and medical and support specialists — I see a stack of academic and professional and mainstream press books about children and families.  But rarely do I see one specifically about fathers and children with disabilities (except a few in the style of the heroic stories like the Hoyts.)  I am trying to change that by writing a book called Dads of Disability:  Stories for, by, and about fathers of children that experience disability (and the mothers that love them)

I have a request and an opportunity for you or your your staff and professional network:

1. Please back this project as soon as possible through my Kickstarter at this address. If you don’t know what a Kickstarter is I have info here.  This isn’t a donation or charity – rewards are received for early backing of the project and such as copies of the book and other project related content.


I am specifically asking you to back the project for $119 – in return for which you will get the reward of  nine paper copies of the book for you and your friends or staff when it ships in March 2014. 

If that is too much, other rewards range from the ebook for $9 to other book-related content from $19 and up. I ask that you can either personally back this project or back it through professional development or content funds and can account for this backing as a “book pre-order” (the book will ship in March 2014) for your personal or staff development library. (Your credit card will only be charged by my the Kickstarter project through Amazon if the entire funding goal is met by August 9th.)

2. Please learn more about this project at www.dadsofdisability.com and let Dads or Moms or staff you may know that I am seeking contributing parent, student, and educational professional essayists and I am paying stipends for those that appear in the book.

Quill Pen, Creative Commons 0 license

Even if you don’t back the project, please look at the site for a COOL animation done by a high school senior. Or consider forwarding this note to other educators or sharing it on FB and other social media regarding both writing and backing.

If you have any questions please contact me at gdietz@garydietz.com. Thanks for all you do for our children and families!

Gary Dietz

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Poet and author Marly Youmans has agreed to judge a poetry contest for my upcoming book.

You can learn more about the contest on this page. The goal is to have a number of poems to compliment the essays in the book.  Have a look at the poetry contest page and the essay submission guidelines and project FAQ to learn more about the themes we are looking for.