Helicopter Parent


I am happy that the essay I wrote for my book has had so much positive reaction in so many places.  For example, it had a follow-up essay for the Cool Cat Teacher, was reprinted in Parents.com, has been discussed in Nora Colvin’s blog, and now is reprinted at the Good Men Project.

For the first time, here is the 2008 video that is referenced in this essay.



Every Classroom Matters Podcast


Here is the audio (used with permission) from the Every Classroom Matters podcast where I was interviewed by the Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis.



The podcast was about Dads of Disability, inclusion, and the guest blog post I wrote for her called “5 practical lessons for elementary classroom inclusion“.


Thanks to Vicki for a great interview!



P.S. The podcast feed for Every Classroom Matters can be found with a quick search on iTunes.

It’s not college


If I hear or read another person telling me that one should think of having your young child in a specialized residential school setting as “him going away to college, just early” — I will punch them.

(OK, not literally, but you get the idea.)

Specialized school placement <> college.  Get it?  Yes, we both “miss our kids” but it is NOT the same thing.


Super-teacher relationships and inclusion


I believe that often we meet people and help them because it is the right thing to do. And you shouldn’t expect anything in return.  But when that does happen, it is usually a really good thing.

I had the privilege of being able to help out super-teacher Vicki Davis (The Cool Cat Teacher) in 2007. We have been in professional contact on and off over the years since then.  She has done some amazing things: Writing some books! Training some teachers! Being invited to Edutopia and Skywalker ranch! Raising some kids!  Teaching!

It’s really cool that she allowed me to guest post on her world-famous teacher blog and will soon be publishing an audio interview she did with me on Every Classroom Matters.  She did a great job of constructing my guest blog post with some media and videos too.

Take care, and thanks again Vicki!



Summer Reading Sale


The Dads of Disability (ebook version only) is on sale for the month of July for US$4.99 on all platforms. That’s half-off the $9.99 list price! We’re practically giving the eBook away at the cost of the pixels only!

sale-left-redWho wouldn’t want to buy (or gift) this 5-star rated collection for parents everywhere at this sale price?

Take care, and have a great holiday week (in Canada and the US),


A box from 2008

I got a call from my son’s old school (he last attended there during the 2008/9 school year). They found a box of his papers and books during the 2014 end of year cleaning. (As an aside, it took 6 years?)


His books and papers from 2008 and 2014 show some progression, but far, far less than the progression of his typically developing age-peers.

I meet my son where he needs to be met. I am proud of who he is and how he is growing. I love him to the end of the earth.

But when and with what milestones do we slow this “mourning” process to a point where we don’t get stopped in our tracks? I know, the answer is probably “never, but it gets easier with time.”

Well, that’s where I am almost 15 years into fatherhood.

Canadians, have a great Canada Day and Americans, have a great Fourth of July!