The anti-Ontario-autism-hate-letter experience


That damned letter from Ontario, Canada from that sicko abusing a family with a child with autism.  Enough said about it. (If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s an introduction to it.)

I believe that there are good people in the world.  And that they outweigh the evil.  Here’s my example from Wednesday.

We were at the Squam Lake Science Center in New Hampshire. The whole blended family. It was almost the only day all summer that we were able to do something together.

A. was doing great when I picked him up from school – but he had a very severe 45 minute meltdown in the late morning.  (He was a delight before and after though.)  During the meltdown, despite my best attempts to keep him and others safe by removing us from the situation, he ended up grabbing a woman on the arm very hard and pinching and leaving a mark. Had this woman and her family been anything other than the angels that they were, there could have been big trouble. She was actually hurt a little bit on her arm, but we separated and I helped A. get to a safe place.

Later on, we saw the woman again and I profusely apologized to her and her husband. I asked her if she would be willing to have A. apologize to her with her standing a few feet away. The tantrum was long over and he was in control, and the lady allowed A. to apologize for hurting her.

It was this lady’s understanding and compassion — her acceptance of an unacceptable event in public — that makes me think that the “Ontario Letter” crap is the ultra minority of opinion. An opinion we must make note of and combat.  But of such utter insignificance in comparison to the good in most folks.



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