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This post is mostly for New Hampshire folks, but anyone can reply. I am possibly working on a project, and your answers to these questions will help inform planners and decision makers.

Photo http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Gobeirne

Photo http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Gobeirne

If you were provided an opportunity for your family to have “sensory friendly” or “medically friendly” access to movies, plays, concerts, or other family activities at a public venue:

1. How often per month would you attend?

2. Would you pay extra for this event? Only go if it were subsidized? Pay only the standard amount?

3. What kinds of accommodations would you require?  Lighting, sound levels, extra intermissions, “teaching moments” from the conductor or director (at a play or concert), backstage visits, extra room in seating, etc.?

I didn’t really want to send out a survey, because I am really interested in your long form answers.  Please email me at gdietz@garydietz.com with “Sensory Friendly” in the subject line, or leave a comment below.




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Here is my holiday song about the “Dads of Disability” book progress. Sort of to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas, but not really. You can download some sample essays and poems here.

The 46 Entries of Winter

On the 15th day before Christmas, my essays and poets gave to me:

– 16 essays fin-ished

I'm pleased to say 16 essays are ready to go to copy editing.

– 9 essays on-deck

9 essayists are awaiting detailed edits and suggestions from me or writeups
of their audio interviews with me.

– 7 short pieces a-brewing

7 microstories/essays are on the way from me as interstitial pieces.

– 6 essays com-ing!

I am awaiting promised essay drafts from 6 writers (you know who you are!)

– 5 poems commmmmm-pleeeete!

5 winning poems from the poetry contest are chosen. One is in the sample PDF.

– 2 essaysssssss close!

Super close to going to copy editing!

– And a 1 fore-ward to put at the front…

And one foreward essay is forthcoming from one of two
medical professionals (or another who comes forward!)


And an “early” table of contents to whet your appetite (this not complete and not in the final order of the book):


Best to all,