A box from 2008

I got a call from my son’s old school (he last attended there during the 2008/9 school year). They found a box of his papers and books during the 2014 end of year cleaning. (As an aside, it took 6 years?)


His books and papers from 2008 and 2014 show some progression, but far, far less than the progression of his typically developing age-peers.

I meet my son where he needs to be met. I am proud of who he is and how he is growing. I love him to the end of the earth.

But when and with what milestones do we slow this “mourning” process to a point where we don’t get stopped in our tracks? I know, the answer is probably “never, but it gets easier with time.”

Well, that’s where I am almost 15 years into fatherhood.

Canadians, have a great Canada Day and Americans, have a great Fourth of July!


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