April 2020: This has been a project of joy, and is mostly dormant. That said, I am starting a companion project of “discussion prompts” for families.  Please have a look at the latest blog post for more information. Be well. gdietz@garydietz.com

The book Dads of Disability is mostly about men, but it was written by men, women, and children. It will foster useful but possibly never-before-had discussions between and amongst fathers, mothers, extended families, care circles, and individuals with disabilities themselves. It is an honest and well-rounded look at fatherhood from a unique perspective.Dads of Disability book cover

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“As a mom I look to other moms for support and we relate easily to one another. I had never thought how men would need that same thing. I enjoyed the stories of fathers who looked back and saw so much joy and love from their children with disabilities and I loved the quite honest and sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart wrenching stories.”
– Spring McDonald (from Amazon review)

“By storytelling and sharing their individual situations dealing with disabilities, they make us become more compassionate as the book pulls us along from one moving story to the next.”
  – Allan Cox, Corporate Advisor & author (from Amazon review)

“This collection of brief vignettes and poems captures so many stories of the experiences of fathers raising kids with various challenges including Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Bipolar Disorder, NOS and Depression to name just a few. Being able to read short accounts of various perspectives is a great way to help another person feel like they aren’t on their own in this journey through life.”
– Joanna Keating-Velasco (from Amazon review)